Limitless Daily Poll: Will UCF invade ESPN's Gameday set?


Jacksonville will play host to ESPN's College Gameday set for the Florida/Georgia game for the first time since 2005. With good reason, both teams are currently ranked inside the top 10. However, it seems like the storyline the most popular pregame show in this country is having to deal with, has nothing to with the game they're showcasing. 

Because of comments made by analyst Kirk Herbstreit, and the fact that UCF has a bye week, and the fact that Orlando is just a short drive to Jacksonville...UCF fans will likely show up in full force on Saturday. Here's what Herby said: “You need to play somebody in order to be rewarded. UCF, you need to not just be worried about being undefeated and trying to get in the top four, you need to look behind you at teams like Utah State, Appalachian State, Fresno State. These teams, on paper, which is what you want to look at a lot of times, are better than UCF and more deserving than UCF.”

Do you think UCF nation outshines Florida and Georgia? Vote on the poll below! Read more about this @

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