Limitless Daily Poll: Have the Gators surpassed UCF?

Gators vs Knights

The Gators and Knights are currently back to back in the AP's Top 25 rankings. UCF 10, Florida 11. This week, UCF takes on ECU - that won't impress the voters (as we've seen) and Florida plays no one since they're on bye (there's a chance that impresses the voters, just ask Oklahoma) but, sarcastic commentary aside, have the Gators surpassed the Knights as the Sunshine State's best unit? 

Forget about the rankings for a second, which team do you actually think is better? Dan Mullen's crew has some impressive victories under their belt, @ Miss State, and then home vs LSU. UCF hasn't lost in over a year (19 straight). But, of course, given the fact that SEC talent is superior to that of a team in the American - maybe the Gators actually have the better roster? 

Oh, and then there's USF...don't forget about them.

Vote on the poll below! 

Florida Gators LSU Tigers

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