Limitless Daily Poll: Fitzmagic vs Winston


Let's just get this out there, Ryan Fitzpatrick was absurd on Sunday. He was throwing the deep ball, the intermediate, he was making good decisions, and even running with effectiveness. I don't think its an overreaction to say that he was the best QB on the field in the first weekend of NFL action. FITZY FOR MVP! 

That's one side of it, the other side of me is more realistic, because Fitzy does this at least once everywhere he plays (which is now up to 7 teams), so what are the chances FitzMagic can pull another rabbit out of his hat? Probably not very good. Jameis,  on the other hand, was a #1 overall draft pick and looked sensational in the preseason. He's also a knucklehead, and can't be there's that. 

Question is, what does Fitzpatrick have to do to keep his starting job before Jameis comes back in week 4? The option is yours... 

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