FSU gets mocked with the "Turnover Backpack"

I should be more upset that FSU had to comeback against FCS Samford, but the "Turnover Backpack" is the bigger disappointment. Look I'm an FSU guy, and I still am but the "turnover backpack" that FSU debuted over the weekend against Samford(a FCS team that they had to comeback against) was the biggest head shake of the Taggart era.

I get it new coach, new culture, scure the bag yadda yadda yadda. This is straight copying(and a horrible attempt IMO) Maimi's turnover chain. Hey, maybe it would have been cooler vs Virginia Tech  on national TV. I doubt it, and now FSU is being mocked all over Twitter. My only hope is that the Noles have 5 takeaways a game and really ram it down our throats until we love it.




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