Poll Question: Frost vs Saban vs Meyer vs Kelly


With college football's season starting in earnest only a couple days from now, and given all the attention we've given to UCF this season, we thought we'd pose a different kind of question. Which POWER 5 storyline do you find yourself most intrigued by heading into the 2018 season? 

Here are the 4 that we've highlighted as the most scintillating to our audience: 

  1. Scott Frost's long-awaited debut @ Nebraska. Okay, maybe we didn't stray too far away from our UCF audience with this one but come on, this is an A+ storyline. We all know Frost is a great coach and can turn things around quickly, but it'll be interesting to see if he can pull that off in the Big 10. The roar from the Big Red crowd ought to be something to marvel at as well when he leads his team out onto the field. 
  2. Ohio State starts the season with Oregon State, Rutgers, and #16 TCU. They'll play all those games without Urban Meyer on the sideline. Whether or not that wrecks the Buckeyes season will be fun to watch, plus, the reaction he gets from road crowds ought to be something to behold as well. Maybe he'll have a nervous breakdown, who knows? 
  3. Bama's QB controversy. This is certainly the one that got the most play during the offseason from the national media (outside of UCF of course) and maybe you're sick of it by now, but it will definitely be the best QB depth chart battle all season long. We'll see what Saint Nick rolls out with here in Orlando vs Louisville on Saturday. 
  4. Chip Kelly has been out of the college game for 6 years and he makes his return with UCLA on Saturday vs Cincinnati. Can Kelly recreate the offense he had @ Oregon? The offense that was more fun to watch than any other in college football...after a dud of a stint in the NFL, all eyes will be on that fast-paced, no-huddle, Kelly O. 

Honorable mentions: Herm Edwards @ Arizona State, Khalil Tate's Heisman campaign at Arizona, Kyler Murray replacing Baker Mayfield @ OU, Jim McElwain @ Michigan...nevermind, forget I said that one. 

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