Daily Poll: Why is UCF getting disrespected in the polls?


Today's Thought-Provoking Daily Poll tackles the question - why is UCF still not getting love from the national media? In most polls we've seen to this point, UCF is consistently ranked outside of the top 15 (despite going undefeated last year and bringing back most of its roster), we've seen them ranked outside of the top 20, and even outside of the top 25 (thank Brett McMurphy for that one)! 

Whether it's Athlon Sports (UCF ranked 31), Orlando Sentinel's own Matt Murschel (UCF ranked 18th), ESPN.com (ranked 24th), USA Today Coaches Poll (ranked 23rd), or Phil Steele w/ 247Sports (ranked outside of his top 25)...UCF isn't getting nearly the love they deserve.


Is it because Frost left? Maybe UCF would be closer to that #12 rank, like they were last season before beating Auburn in the Peach Bowl, if Frost were still the coach. Maybe the national media puts that much of an emphasis on his value, or maybe they don't have faith in first year HC Josh Heupel. It's certainly a possibility. 

OR, maybe is it because the national media at large is trying to sheepishly punish UCF for their National Title claim, saying to themselves when making these inaccurate rankings - "We'll show them!" 

What do you guys think? 

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- @BrandonKravitz

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