"There's some stuff that would make OSU look really bad" - @BrettMcMurphy


Brett beat every college football reporter to this story and assistant coach Zach Smith and his alleged domestic abuse that dates back to 2009. He beat ESPN's army of writers, and remember, Brett used to work their but was laid off in this past year. No question Brett did tremendous work and has done tremendous work on this story. 

McMuprhy discusses his conversations with Zach Smith's wife Courtney, who will take the lead on this investigation @ Ohio State, and why Meyer stuck out his neck for a WR coach. Brett answers all those questions, PLUS, Brett mentions that there is more that he knows that he just can't say because he couldn't confirm the story. "There's some stuff that would make Zach Smith and Ohio State look really bad. Remember this conversation and you'll say Oh My God." - McMurphy 

Listen to the FULL interview below... 

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