What's the biggest story heading into 2018's SEC Media Days?

The Biggest @SEC Football Storylines in 2018: 

  • Who’s Bama’s QB?
    • Jalen Hurts vs Tua Tagovailoa
    • Junior Jalen Hurts lost two games in two seasons for the Crimson Tide but was replaced by rising sophomore Tua Tagovailoain the College Football Playoff National Championship to save an anemic offense.
    • Hurts was the team’s 2nd leading rusher and only threw one INT on the season.
    • Jalen was 3/8 in the National title game and Tua went 14/24 166 – 3 TD’s – 1 INT.
  • Can Georgia stay on top?
    • This storyline is similar to the pressure and skepticism UCF faces this season – “yeah last season was great and all, but can you back it up”? And like UCF, Georgia lost a lot of key pieces to the NFL…Georgia even more so—Nick Chubb, Sony Michel, Isaiah Wynn, Roquan Smith—and those are just the guys off the top of my head.
    • Here’s the good news…their QB, Jake Fromm was a true freshman, and Kirby Smart has been out recruiting everyone in the country. Smart landed seven 5 star players – more than any other school in the country.
  • Jimbo Fisher’s debut
    • Fisher may have signed a 10-year contract (worth 75 million) but the fans in College Station and the SEC media won’t give the guy very much time before they want to see him back up that contract. It’ll be interesting to see how he is with the media, given his image was raked over the coals with the way he left FSU.
  • Will (or how will) Dan Mullen fix the Gators offense?
    • Gators offensive rankings over the years
      • 2017- 104
      • 2016- 97
      • 2015- 97
      • 2014- 60
      • 2013- 110

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