Kravitz's Annual NFL Mock Draft 1-32 - NO TRADES!

It's here! No mock draft 1.0, 2.0, 7.5---This year I'm one-and-done. This is my mock draft final. Now, two things to note: I gave descriptors for each pick, only through pick 15, because that's how many picks we'll carry LIVE for our draft coverage @ the Winghouse in Altamonte Springs on April 26th (don't forget to sign your team up by emailing the Also, trades are impossible to predict, so this is a trade free mock! Send any analysis or disagreements to my twitter account @BrandonKravitz. Read, and enjoy! 

1. Browns- Josh Allen

As good as Barkley could be, they shouldn’t get cute with this pick. It really could be any one of the big 3 QB’s, but, people in “the know” say Allen is the guy for GM John Dorsey and the Cleveland Browns. Remember, Dorsey is the GM that traded up for Pat Mahomes. Mahomes and Allen have very similar attributes.

2. Giants- Josh Rosen

Another don’t over think this situation at play here. The Giants could use help in a variety of areas. You don’t lose 13 games on accident. But they have to face the facts, Eli Manning hasn’t been elite in years, and there’s no better than right now to find the air apparent.

3. Jets- Sam Darnold

Because they traded up to three to draft a QB, and he’s who’s left.

4. Browns- Saquan Barkley

Elated that the draft has gone QB heavy in the first 3 picks, the Browns will be thrilled to add a RB of Barkley’s caliber to an offense that already includes Jarvis Landry and Josh Gordon. Watch out, the Browns might actually be fun to watch.

5. Broncos- Bradley Chubb

John Elway won’t be able to help himself. The idea of pairing Von Miller with a younger version of Von Miller will make the Broncos prez salivate, and will make opposing offenses wet themselves. In a weak QB draft, Chubb is good enough to be taken 1st overall.

6. Colts- Quentin Nelson

This is very simple. The Colts chief focus should be on one thing and one thing only for the next several seasons…keep Andrew Luck healthy. Nelson, from everything I hear, is a guaranteed pro-bowler at the guard position. I don’t usually endorse taking an interior lineman this early in the draft, but the Colts can find defense and a running game later, they need to make sure they keep their golden boy upright.

7. Bucs- Minkah Fitzpatrick

The Bucs need to establish an identity on one side of the ball. Though they have talent on both sides, I still don’t know what they are offensively and defensively. Fitzpatrick helps them cover up a lot of holes quickly. He can be the centerfielder they’re desperately missing. Justin Evans, Keith Tandy, and Chris Conte aren’t getting the job done.

8. Bears- Tremaine Edmunds

Getting back to their roots a little bit, the Bears can start building a bully defense with this pick. Danny Trevathan, Leonard Floyd, and then the addition of Edmunds could potentially rival any stable of LB’s in the league in a couple years, if not immediately.

9. 49ers- Denzel Ward

We’re running out of the “elite of the elite” at this point inside the top 10, but Ward is one of them. Ward comes right off the assembly line of Ohio State, and the only reason he didn’t get more playing time in college, is because the two guys in front of him also went in the first round (Conley & Lattimore). The Niners would then have Richard Sherman on one side and Ward on the other. P.S. The 49ers are going to be really good for a while.

10. Raiders- Dallas Goedert

The first shocker of the draft! Jon Gruden is back and he wants offense. The Raiders lost their possession WR in Michael Crabtree and they could really use someone to fill that role, plus, Derek Carr has yet to have a really dominant tight end to rely on. Don’t let South Dakota State fool you, Goedert is an elite athlete @ 6’6 255, and his stock is on the rise!

11. Dolphins – Roquan Smith

The Phins need help almost everywhere, though at the same time, they don’t have many glaring needs. I think this Baker Mayfield stuff is a smoke screen to create some trade bait value, if they keep this pick, I think they go a safer route, and fill a different need. QB of the defense, MLB. Roquan Smith. Adam Gase is trying to change the culture, he wants guys who play their tails off. Smith is that in spades. He reminds me of Zach Thomas is so many ways, you’d be hard pressed to find a defensive play on a Georgia defensive highlight where Roquan isn’t in the frame.

12. Bills- Mike McGlinchey

Cordy Glenn is gone, Richie Incognito retired. The Bills all the sudden desperately need help on the offensive line, and I think they take advantage of that here, even though Sean McDermott would love to get his hands on some of the defensive players still left at this point.

13. Redskins- Marcus Davenport

Quietly, one of the most talented players in this draft. The ‘Skins could pair him with last year’s first round pick, Johnathan Allen on the defensive line. Washington was already top 10 last year at getting after the QB, this could put them over the top.

14. Packers- Derwin James

Talent too good to pass up @ pick 14. Plus, the Packers need major help on the back end of that defense. The Pack lost veteran Morgan Burnett to free-agency. Also, the Packers sent a tweet out of his bio on April 11th. Just saying. (in fairness, they’ve sent about 20 of those tweets. But that’s the only one where a Packer became paranoid. Haha Clinton-Dix said “Ya’ll ain’t about that”) – The Packers gave up more yards per play than any team in their division.

15. Cardinals – Baker Mayfield

I know the Cardinals paid 20 million (absurd) for Sam Bradford this year, but that can’t be the long term plan. Every other team in that division has their QB of the future and is seemingly well set-up at that position for the better part of a decade. This will be as much a “keeping up with the Jones’s” pick as you’ll see in this draft. **Disclaimer, they will likely have to trade inside the top 10 to actually acquire Mayfield due to QB paranoia on draft day, but this mock doesn’t take trades into account because those are impossible to predict.

16. Ravens- Courtland Sutton

17. Chargers- Kolton Miller

18. Seahawks- Sony Michel

19. Cowboys- Calvin Ridley

20. Lions- Taven Bryan

21. Bengals- Connor Williams

22. Bills- Da’Ron Payne

23. Patriots- Jaire Alexander

24. Panthers- Josh Jackson

25. Titans- Rashaan Evans

26. Falcons – DJ Moore

27. Saints- Mike Gesicki

28. Steelers- Lamar Jackson

29. Jags- Christian Kirk

30. Vikings- Mike Hughes

31. Patriots- Harold Landry

32. Eagles- Vita Vea

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