Shaq Poll 2.0: Aaron Gordon Edition

Verizon Slam Dunk Contest 2017

Look familiar? See, I wanted to try and recreate some magic here (pun totally intended). The most infamous poll in Central Florida history was asked 22 years -- Is Shaq worth 115 million dollars over the course of 7 seasons? Of course, in hindsight (or even then), this poll was ridiculous. And the results were even more laughable - 91% of people polled said "no" on the Shaq question. 91%. Let that sink in. 

These are obviously different times, these are different cirsumstances, the salary cap has climbed exponentially, and Aaron Gordon is a different player. But, 22 years later, the question is worth asking one more time...

Plus, Aaron Gordon said it himself yesterday. 

“What would be the ideal situation for you in a contract in the offseason?”

“Ideal is max,” Gordon answered, referring to a maximum-salary contract. “God, that would be ideal: three letters.”

“Here?” the reporter asked, referring to the Magic.

“Yeah, definitely here,” Gordon said. 


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