Daily Poll: What was the #1 development this weekend?

Daytona 500 - Practice

SO much stuff packed into 2 days! 

We had everything from wardrobe malfunctions, doping Russian curlers, the worst Star-Spangled Banner of all-time, and a whole lot more. 

In fact, I didn't even mention any of the stuff that's on our poll. Let's see, the 3 car returned to victory lane under the control of Austin Dillon, for the first time since Dale Sr. did it. We almost saw history, with a black driver getting runner-up in the race (Bubba Wallace). Believe it or not, there was some defense played in the All-Star Game...even if it was only the last 7 minutes. Oh, and then there's this: 

Mets GM Sandy Alderson says about Tim Tebow: "Somebody asked me whether I think he'll be a major league player at some point," Alderson said after a Sunday workout at First Data Field. "I think he will play in the major leagues. That's my guess. That's my hope, and to some extent now after a year and a half, a modest expectation."

Which of these many developments is the most significant in your opinion? 


BTW, if you didn't believe me about my Star Spangled Banner remark...

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