Kravitz's Top 10 Most Intriguing NFL Free-Agents

Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Rams

Call it obsessive if you will, but this is my way of detoxing from the NFL season. Call it my Football Rehab if you will. This is a great year for NFL free-agency, with a load of interesting stories to follow. Below, I've listed my top 10 most intriguing (potential) free-agents to follow. 

  1. Kirk Cousins - QB, Redskins. 
  2. LeVeon Bell - RB, Steelers. 
  3. Jarvis Landry - WR, Dolphins. 
  4. Allen Robinson - WR, Jags 
  5. Some combo of Keenum/Bridgewater/Bradford - Vikings QB's 
  6. Jerick McKinnon - RB, Vikings. 
  7. Carlos Hyde RB, 49ers.  
  8. Malcom Butler - DB, Patriots. 
  9. Nate Solder - LT, Patriots. 
  10. Trey Burton - TE, Eagles. 

The league year officially begins on March 14th, we'll see where the chips fall, who gets franchised, and all that jazz. But, for now, that's my list - the guys I am most curious to see where they land. There are plenty of other big names out there that could technically become free agents (I.E. Ziggy Ansah) but either I anticipate they get franchised, or I'm just not that intrigued. 

Don't @ me. 

Just kidding, you can @ me. 


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