2017 Winghouse NFL Draft Party Rules


1) All teams will select players with all picks of the 1st Round in the NFL Draft.         

2) When Roger Goddell announces the teams picks, you are on the clock. We will keep our own clock. You have 2 minutes to make your pick, and submit it on THE SCORING SHEET form. If a trade is announced, that pick will be voided.

3) Come to the Commissioner's table and write your pick on the sheet with your team NAME on it.                                             

4) If the NFL team picks before you have written down your picks at the Commish's table, you lose! (Should a team pick at an unusually rapid rate, the commissioner has the right to nullify a round.) 

5) The commish will award points for each correct PICK, and the scores will be announced at the end of the contest. We encourage you to keep a running tab of your point totals!         

6) Point values are as follows:        

  Correct pick for Numbers 1 through 8:   5   

  Correct pick for Numbers 9-16:   10   

  Correct pick for Numbers 17-24:   20   

  Correct pick for Numbers 25-31:   30   

Bonus points are also available! Bonus points are the value of each pick. For example, get draft pick #2 correct, that's 5 points for getting it right and 2 bonus points for pick #2 = 7 points.

7) All scoring will be recognized on the official scoreboard at the Commissioner's table.

8) In the event of a dispute, the decision of the Commissioner is final


10) HAVE FUN!!!!

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