4 Solutions that Will Solve the "Resting" Issue

Most of my media brethren that are chiming in on the issue have one of two ideas...Force them to play and do their job..or..shorten the season so these athletes aren't so exhausted and don't "need" the rest. Plus, who really needs to witness 82 regular season games. Problem is, neither of those are going to happen, so we can stop wasting our breath on it. Players can't be forced to play, they could just make up injuries. And owners don't want to give up a single home game, because that's revenue, and they run a business. 

4 Simple Solutions: 

1. Reduce the number of teams that make the post season. Go from 8 to 6, thus putting even more of a value on seeding. 

2. Force 2 games rest. If a player is soooo tired he can't go on Wednesday, well then he's not allowed to play for the teams next game as well. Teams may rethink their strategy then. 

3. Create a disabled list or an injured reserve list like they have in the NFL or MLB, and if a player is not on this new IR, and he doesn't play, he gets zeroes across the board in his stat line. 

4. This one is for the fans...create fixed pricing for every single game. If owners charged the same amount when the Cavs come to town as when the Sixers come to town, little Johnny and his Dad can't complain when Bron Bron doesn't play. 

There, issue corrected. 

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