Astros Scandal Could be What Breaks the MLBPA

MLBPA May Be Hurt with Players Speaking Out

On this edition of The Odd Couple, Jonas Knox is in for Chris Broussard as he and Rob Parker discuss he latest regarding the Astros cheating scandal following Dodgers OF Cody Bellinger expressing his anger with the Astros and the MLB’s punishment, stating Altuve stole an MVP trophy and the Astros stole a World Series title. Rob and Jonas discuss the MLBPA being the strongest union in the country, and this may impact that strength, citing other players speaking out against the Astros, including Dodgers P Ross Stripling saying he may throw at the Astros; which is something pitchers never do publicly. Jonas says the MLBPA likely isn’t happy about Bellinger and other players speaking out because they’re all tied into the same association that is envied from other sports around the nation. Plus, Rob says it is terrible what the Astros did, but Bellinger and other players publicly speaking out against them may cause more issues.

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