Colin Cowherd Lists NFL Quarterbacks He'd Rather Have than Baker Mayfield

Listen to Colin Cowherd list all the NFL quarterbacks he would rather have than Baker Mayfield over the next five seasons, in a game of ‘Mayfield or The Field’?

Lamar Jackson or Baker Mayfield?

“Lamar Jackson has won 80% of his games, and he does something better than any NFL quarterback in the history of the sport: MOVES. This is not close.”

Justin Herbert or Baker Mayfield?

“Not a GM in the league would take Baker Mayfield over Justin Herbert. He’s bigger, he’s stronger, he was a 4.0 student, and he set every rookie quarterback record that they’ve ever created, Herbert by a mile.”

Derek Carr or Baker Mayfield?

“The last two years Derek Carr had a 101 passer rating, and had three times the amount of TD’s to picks, IT AIN’T CLOSE. Derek Carr.”

Jimmy Garopppolo or Baker Mayfield?

“This is the rub: ‘Jimmy gets hurt a lot.’ I’m not disputing that, and that worries me, but the Niners are AWFUL without him, and we know their roster is good and Shanahan is good. I’d take Garoppolo for the next five years and roll the dice on his health.”

Matt Ryan or Baker Mayfield?

“MVP, Super Bowl, multiple playoff wins – Matt Ryan is 35, he’s not 39. If I signed him for five years the last year might be nonsense, but I’ll make a prediction; Matt Ryan with Arthur Smith the coach is going to have two really good years. He FINALLY gets an offensive coach. We’re all going to like Matt Ryan by November again. I know we’re all out on him, but by November we’re all going to be back in the ‘Matt Ryan Fan Club.’

Check out the video above for the full extended segment.

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