Florida woman Ariana Grande has been hit by a lot of hockey pucks.


When I read these tweets, I was like nah this can't be real. You know what, I was wrong. Freaking Ariana Grande had been struck by 2 hockey pucks by the time she was 5, and has probably been hit by more. On that Friday night back in 1998, as the future Grammy-award nominee’s mother recounted a game back in January when her daughter was hit in the wrist with a hockey puck, it happened again this time, it was her right wrist. This time, her left."What are the odds of this happening," wondered dad, graphic designer Ed Grande-Butera, visibly shaken Ariana was rushed to first aid but came out of it with just a small bruise. An ice pack did the trick.But she earned the distinction that night as the first fan hit with a puck in a regular-season game in the team’s new Sunrise building.



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