Magic Fans Will Judge Rebuild 2.0 on the Success or Failure of This Man


Leading up to the NBA Draft, Magic fans had settled on the fact that the Magic were drafting one of three players: Jonathan Isaac, Dennis Smith Jr., or whoever would potentially fall out of the Fox, Ball, Tatum, Jackson group. Now, of course, no one fell out of that last group, but there was a decision the Magic still had to make...Do we take Smith, the flashy point-guard, or Jonathan Isaac, the raw talent with upside the size of the Empire State Building. The choice was Isaac. 

Many Magic fans I was hearing from had sold themselves on Dennis Smith Jr., and it makes sense..he provides the style, highlight ability, and point guard chops the Magic desperately need. Plus, the guy is so talented, he could've been a starter day 1 on this team. You just can't say the same for Isaac. Now, Isaac may become the better player down the road, but all you need to do is watch the video above and you'll see why many Magic fans will base the start of Rebuild 2.0 on the success or failure of one Dennis Smith Jr. 

Fair or not, Magic fans will be watching him very closely. 

- Kravitz 

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