"Hockey Won Me Over" - Kravitz


I sat down to watch the NBA Finals in early June and was instantly disappointed. Game 1 blowout, Game 2 blowout. By Game 3 it was obvious where this series was going. My mind and the sports fan inside me demanded more out of my June sports viewing...and then I found hockey. 

Now, I've always liked the sport of hockey, never followed it, kept up with it, or cared about a result. However, I always respected the sport and could definitely understand why so many people (mostly Canadian) love it. This month though, I was bit by the hockey bug. 

I don't know if it was the uniqueness of Nashville falling in love with the sport, the stars coming out to watch the event, or just the fact that it was SOOOO much more entertaining than the NBA this postseason...but either way, I'm hooked. I may even consider myself an honorary Preds fan. 

It feels like the country may not be too far behind me as well, the ratings were up 6%, and social media was a flame going after the heel, Sidney Crosby, at every turn. It's a small step in the right direction, but I do feel like hockey could find itself front and center again as America's "4th sport" sooner rather than later. It makes sense in today's fast paced society. I mean, what do we always say, "millennials have a short attention span, they want fast, they want action" well, hockey gives it to you in spades. Hockey, between it's speed and physicality fits the mold of what a millennial generation would enjoy. Maybe I'm on to something, or maybe it'll just be me, my wife, my dogs, and Canadians watching next year. 

Go Preds.  

- Kravitz 

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