Daily Poll: What should Tacko Fall do now?

AAC Basketball Tournament - Semifinals

He's big, he's tall, his name is Tacko Fall...and he's done for the season. 

UCF basketball coach Johnny Dawkins on the injury: 

"It's unfortunate for any young man to miss this amount of time playing the game that he loves due to an injury," UFC coach Johnny Dawkins said of the injury to his big man. "Our top priority at UCF is to maintain the well-being of our student-athletes, so our main concern right now is getting Tacko back to being 100 percent healthy."

This was supposed to be the year the big man progressed into an NBA ready talent. With the intrigue of landing a 7'6 center pushing his stock somewhere into the first round. Now, it's unclear what his stock would be. Tacko still has much work to do in refining his game if he's ever going to play a meaningful minute on an NBA team. 

That's why Tacko has a big decision to make here. As a super tall athlete, injuries are par for the course. How many 7'6 players make it 10 years playing basketball professionally? It just doesn't happen. So, while he's not ready, he's also got limited time to cash in on his abilities. 

What do you think Tacko Fall should do at seasons end? 


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