Daily Poll: If Frost leaves, what will be the reason why?

In his Monday press conference out at UCF Scott Frost said “I’d be hurt if Nebraska wasn’t interested in me.” Says focus should be on players but doesn’t address whether he is interested in @Huskers. Says those decisions will come later. 

Not promising words if you're a UCF fan/supporter. 

The possibility of Frost leaving for Nebraska seems more and more likely as the days go on, as much as we don't want it to be true. The tough thing to figure out is why he'd leave such a good thing here in Orlando for a job that, while it is Power 5, isn't nearly what it once was...and hasn't been for quite some time. I mean, here in Orlando he has the adulation of fans, a really good football team, and can eventually take credit for building up an entire football program from the ground level. Plus, you know Danny White (the AD) will pony up whatever he can to give Frost a raise at the end of the year. Is a million (or 2) extra bucks a year and a life up in Lincoln worth giving all that up? That's the question he'll have to ask himself. 

Today's Thought-Provoking Daily Poll tackles just that. Because Scott Frost is a guy that keeps most of his personal life matters and motivations close to the vest, we don't really know what he wants, desires, or covets. Is it money, is it fame, is it the ability to compete for a national title? We don't know, maybe you can help us figure it out...


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