Poll: Should Coaches Restrict Media at Practices?


Should college football coaches restrict the media from attending their practices?

1. Yes. They are go over game plans and tactics. Why wouldn't they want that secret?

2. No. As if a beat writer could break down a game plan by watching practice. Get over yourselves, you self-important gas-bags.

3. Probably. I can see both sides here, and quite frankly I would rather take neither. If the earth opened up and ate all the sportswriters and coaches in the world, would it really matter? 

4. Why do they care? Can we please dispense with this horse-crap notion that what college coaches do actually matters? Have they cured a cancer ridden kid? Ended domestic violence? Brought peace to the Middle East? They all need to get over themselves and in the process if they all stopped being such condescending douche-rockets, well then that would be just peaches. 

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