Poll: How Important is Draft Lottery to the Magic?


The NBA Draft Lottery is tonight! The Orlando Magic will probably end up with the fifth or sixth pick, but how important is it for them to win it or even jump into the Top Three?

1. The fate of the team hangs in the balance! The Magic have shown the only time they know who to draft is when they pick first. 

2. Very important. A Top Three player from this draft will be a cornerstone to finally get the rebuild off the ground. 

3. It would be nice, but not vital. This is a deep draft and there will definitely be a player worth taking at six. We just have to hope the Magic recognize who it is. 

4. It is inconsequential. No matter where they draft there is sure to be a long list of players they should have taken over whatever bust is next to steal a paycheck from the DeVos Family. 

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