Poll: Proper punishment for players smoking pot?


Two UCF football players have been suspended six games for testing positive for marijuana. What should the punishment be for college football players caught smoking weed?

1. More than a six-game suspension. It is still a Schedule I controlled substance, even if the hippies in Colorado and Washington want to think otherwise.

2. A multiple-game suspension seems right. After all, these are kids. They need to be taught a lesson, but not given a Draconian punishment. 

3. A slap on the wrist. It is 2017, for pete’s sake. Are we not past this illogical obsession with outlawing the youth equivalent of a few beers?

4 . Nothing. Weed is a medicine, man. Ha! See what I did there? “Medicine man”! Dude…did you bogart my Funyuns?

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