Poll: Who Is FL's College Hoops Coach of the Year?


Who is the College Basketball Coach of the Year for the state of Florida? Your options are:

1. Jim Larranaga. The Hurricanes are not having a great year, but Miami fans always get so testy if we do not include them.

2. Mike White. He is Coach of the Year in the SEC, and if football season and Mike Bianchi have taught me anything, it is that nothing outside the SEC matters.

3. Frank Vogel.

4. Leonard Hamilton. He took the Seminoles from 12th to 2nd in the best conference in college basketball, and all while starring in a hit Broadway show.

5. Johnny Dawkins. He won more conference games in his first year than his predecessor did in his last two. Also worth noting, he wears a size nine and a half in glass slippers.

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