Kravitz Circles 10 Games and Predicts Records for Jags/Bucs/Phins

Circled Games Spread Sheet

1.     9/8- Week 1- Bills @ Rams Season Opener

2.    9/12- Week 1- Broncos @ Seahawks MNF opener

3.    10/30- Week 9- Broncos vs Jags London MNF

4.    10/2- Week 4- Chiefs @ Bucs SNF in Tampa

5.    10/16- Week 6- Chiefs @ Bills 4:25 AFC title game rematch

6.    10/27- Week 8- Ravens @ Bucs TNF Prime (Herby on the call)

7.    12/25- Week 16- Phins vs Packers Christmas Day** 1pm on Fox

8.    12/18- Week 15- Bengals @ Bucs 4:25 CBS – Brady vs Baby Brady

9.    1/1/23- Week 17- Rams vs Chargers SNF Battle for LA

10.  9/11- Week 1- Browns @ Panthers 1pm – The return of CMC

Projected records for in-state teams:

Phins- After a slow 1-3 start, the Phins turn things around winning 8 straight. Finish 12-5.

Bucs- Tough schedule for the Bucs facing the AFC North but they come through, only losing back to back games once this season. 12-5 finish.

Jags- Off to a red hot 2-0 start, things start to get ugly. The Jags get hot @ the end of the season and finish with an impressive 7-10 that has the Jags as the buzz team heading into 2023.


o  The Buffalo Bills play at the Detroit Lions.

o  The New York Giants play at the Dallas Cowboys.

o  The New England Patriots play at the Minnesota Vikings.


·Packers @ Phins

·Broncos @ Rams

·Bucs @ Cards

NFC Divisional Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Photo: Getty Images

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