Stefan's NFL Picks - Week #1

The Bucs squeaked by the Cowboys last night, and moved us into the first NFL weekend of the year. So why not make some picks. NOTE: These picks are by no means suggestions for your wagering lifestyle. This just me throwing out my personal predictions, so I can go back into next week's show with a few "I told you so" moments to bring up!

Let's get rolling...

Seahawks v Colts

Really excited to see this game. Mostly because I'm rooting for Russ to really make a comeback to glory. If the Seahawks are able to push past this Colts defense, it will be a good sign of things to come! Seahawks 28 - Colts 18

Jaguars v Texans

I really don't care about this game at all. But from what I hear some of you are excited to see Trevor make some moves. As much as the Texans suck, I'm going against the grain on this one though. My longshot pick... Jags 12 - Texans 21

Eagles v Falcons

Jalen Hurts isn't going to wow any of us this weekend. And I don't even remember who the Falcons QB is, (oh yea... Matty Ice!) I've got a feeling this game is going to come down to who is tougher and for that I've got to go with the Eagles. Eagles 21 - Falcons 18

Chargers v Washington

This is a TOUGH one. The L.A. should have a relatively high powered offense and big ready to make big lays down the stretch. But that WFT defense is no joke, and Fitzpatrick always has about 6 or 7 good games in him each season. And it's always hard to pinpoint when one of those games will come. Chargers 34 - Washington 27

Jacksonville Jaguars v Dallas Cowboys

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Steelers v Bills

I'm a Ravens fan. I hate the Steelers. I only pick the Steelers if I REALLY think they are guaranteed to win. This is not one of those times. LOL Steelers 28 - Bills 35

49ers v Lions

The 49ers are one of my sleepers to go far in the postseason this year. There is no way the Lions have a chance in this game.
49ers 45 - Lions 9

Vikings v Bengals

Joe Burrow. Period. He's back and he's got plenty to prove. I'm certain he's not feeling to much pressure in this moment. But I truly believe whenever you're a competitor and you miss time due to injury, you're OVER hyped to get back out there and get back to ballin! Joe Burrow will have that feeling against a Vikings team that the Bengals should be able to overwhelm. Viking 18 - Bengals 24

Jets v Panthers

The Jets will stink and Zach Wilson will look impressive. The end. I don't care. Jets 14 - Panthers 21

Las Vegas Raiders v San Francisco 49ers

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Cardinals v Titans

This might be lowkey one of the hottest games of the weekend. The Cardinals come in with big expectations and what they hope is an dramatically improved defense. Plus they still have arguably one of the best quarterbacks in the league. Then there's Tennessee, who has the possibly unstoppable three headed monster of AJ Brown, Julio Jones, and Derrick Henry. This game could be the whole sportscenter top 10. Cardinals 38 - Titans 42

Browns v Chiefs

Wayyyy too many people are trying to convince themselves that the Browns have an opportunity to pull off the upset here. I'm here to put a STOP to that buffoonery! The Chiefs are about to put the Browns right back where the belong, sitting in the locker room with and L.
Browns 18 - Chiefs 32

Dolphins v Patriots

Tua vs Mac is everything in this game. The beauty of it for Dolphin fans is they are essentially ONLY playing against the brilliance of Bill Belichick. The Patriots have few weapons and the Dolphins might have one of the best defenses in the NFL. Count this one as a step in the right direction for Tua. Dolphins 24 - Patriots 18

Packers v Saints

The Saints are not ready for this game. Unless Rodgers has one of his worst games ever, it's going to get ugly. I'll be watching to see how Sean Peyton plans to develop Jameis as his QB going forward. But this game is a lock. Packers 31 - Saints 17

Baltimore Ravens v Washington Football Team

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Bears v Rams

Opening weekend Sunday night, and we are really getting Andy Dalton vs. Matt Stafford? Expect Justin Fields to be rolled out in some interesting packages, if not as a replacement for Dalton at some point in this game. On top of that, you'll see Matt Stafford come out to prove that he's better than what we all saw in Detroit. Bears 16 - Rams 24

Ravens v Raiders

This is a HARD game for me to call. As a HUGE Ravens fan, I want to call it a Ravens win automatically. But with a decimated backfield, and key players out at LB (LJ Fort) , CB (Marcus Peters), and TE (Nick Boyle), the Ravens are hurting. Add to that playing the first Monday night game of the season, against a Raiders team I think is underrated... And against a team opening a brand new stadium with a fan base that has been waiting on pins and needles to act crazy and be loud. The Raiders should make this an affair to remember. Still gotta go with the better overall team though. Ravens 21 - Raiders 10

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