Tom Brady's "Luck" Factor Continues to Benefit Him

Would you consider Tom Brady to be lucky?

You think about his history: Made FG’s in the last second of big games, the fortune of the Tuck rule, playing against Matt Ryan and not Aaron Rodgers in the 2016 super bowl, the Seahawks with the worst play call in SB history on the 1-yard line…even last year, the Bucs would’ve lost in the NFC title game had Rodgers just played a little better.

But nothing underscores his luck more than the divisions and QB’s he’s played against.

Brady spent years going up against the Cleo Lemon’s, Ryan Fitzpatrick’s, Mark Sanchez’s, and JP Losman’s of the world…the AFC was a train wreck until about 2 years ago.

I remember thinking when brady was a free-agent in 2020…I said…the Bucs make sense, roster wise. But I’m curious if the division will scare him off at all. The Panthers had Cam Newton, the Falcons were super bowl contenders, and the saints had the most loaded roster in the NFL.

Now look at them.

Again, Brady finds himself in a garbage division.

Falcons, rebuild. Panthers, rebuild. Saints, semi-rebuild.

He went from Brees, Ryan, and Cam as his competition to Sam Darnold, a broken down Matt Ryan, and either Taysom Hill or Jameis.

How does he keep doing this?!

Brady is the GOAT, no doubt about it, and in order to be great you have to create your own luck. Brady is a master at taking your misfortune and turning it into a SB ring. I respect the hell out of him, but I seriously don't know how he gets so lucky with the bad teams around him inside whatever division he plays in.

Super Bowl LV

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