Jacksonville Jaguars Players React to Jalen Ramsey Trade

Jalen Ramsey was traded from Jacksonville to LA on Tuesday for a couple first round picks and a fourth round pick, but there's more to this than just the trade. Jacksonville is now missing a star and a leader from their locker room. Jacksonville.com's John Reid reported on how other Jacksonville players have reacted to Ramsey's departure.

For most of the Jaguars’ players, they expected Ramsey would be traded.
They didn’t know when, though.
Still, the suddenness of Ramsey’s departure in which the Jaguars on Tuesday night caught some players off guard.
“I didn’t want to see him go,” linebacker Myles Jack said. “I liked it that he was here if that makes sense. It wasn’t a distraction to us. As long as he was in the locker room, he was still part of the team. You can ask anyone in the locker room that we would much rather play with Jalen than not have him here. But that was a situation between him and the front office and it had to be resolved. But if I was a betting man, I’d figured we would have kept him here until after the (Oct. 29 trade) deadline and somebody would have had to budge. To see him go, it was kind of sad.”

You can read the whole story HERE.

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