Shot Doctor's Top 5 Statement Games of the Football Weekend

With teams at the point where we know who they are and where they are going, now is the time in the football seasons to make real statements. We think that we know who they are but now they can tell us who they are.

These five games are going to be standouts for teams to make a real statement.

5. Vikings at Bears Sun. 4:25PM


The Bears need to win this game with Mitch Trubisky at QB. They are playing a top defense and it is make or break time for Trubisky.

4. No. 18 Virginia at No. 10 Notre Dame Sat. 3:30PM


Virginia is 4-0 but need to show that it means something against a good Top 10 Notre Dame team.

3. Browns at Ravens Sun. 1:00PM


If the Browns lose this game they will implode at 1-3. Yes they will physically crumple in on themselves if they lose this game against Baltimore.

2. No. 5 Ohio State at Nebraska Sat. 7:30PM


It's put up or shut up time for the Huskers. I don't want to hear about a rebuild or any of that buffoonery, I want the Huskers to win this game and show that they are back!

1. New England at Buffalo Sun. 1:00PM


The Bills are 3-0 but it's not real until they beat somebody. That somebody has to be the Patriots.


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