Orlando Magic Redshirt Their First Round Pick


It is being reported that the Orlando Magic are going to effectively redshirt their first round pick, Chuma Okeke. Okeke is recovering from a torn ACL and would miss most of the season as is. In doing this, the Magic will not pay Okeke to not play because he will not be under contract.

This is a mutual agreement between Okeke and the Magic. The Magic will sign him next year under a rookie deal that will be worth 120% of the rookie deal Okeke would have gotten this year. He can still play in the G League if he is able to recover in time.

This story is being reported on by CBS Sports writer Sam Quinn. He writes,

By taking this approach, however, the Magic won't have to pay Okeke not to play for them. They delay his free agency clock by a full year and ensure themselves four years of rookie-scale salaries for Okeke. If he plays up to their expectations, those years will have him grossly underpaid.

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