XFL Overtime Will Have 44 Men on the Field...But Wait There's More


The XFL has a reputation of being gimmicky and not exactly the best football. Their 2001 season showed that maybe they can't be trusted with changing football. The opening scrum, lack of certain rules, and a major focus on the sideline led the league down an injury heavy and bad football path. But this is a new year with new people in charge. Will things be different? Early reports are saying no.


44 men on the field

Many believe that overtime in the NFL is heavily flawed, especially because the possibility for ties is at an all-time high. The XFL has looked at this and said, "Let's change that." What they now have could be great or a miserable mess. The current plan is to have both teams set up with their offense and defense on either side of the field and the teams will attempt 2-point conversions, similar to a penalty shootout in soccer or hockey. It could work *shrugs*.

Extra Points

One, two, and three point conversions

Extra points are predictable, that's why the AAF attempted to do away with them by forcing teams to do two point conversions every single time. This caused the drama of what should we do situations to be non-existent. While the AAF said less, the XFL is saying more. They will have a one point conversion from the two yard line, a two point from the five, and a three point from the ten. This will force teams to have even more strategy and could lead to higher scoring affairs. This might be the change that most critics actually like.

Double Forward Passes


Double forward passes are currently being tested by the spring league.

All Players Eligible

If you are on the offense, you can catch a pass

In trying to make the offenses even crazier and more exciting, the XFL will allow all players behind the line of scrimmage, including linemen, will be eligible for a pass.

Will these end up making the official rules? Maybe. But you can expect crazy changes from the XFL.


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