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What Bell could've made vs What Bell IS making

What Bell could’ve made:

5 years/70 million – annual 14

48 of the 70 was set to be distributed in the first 3 years

30 guaranteed

What he is making:

4 years/52 million – annual 13

35 guaranteed

Bell will be 31 years old by the end of the deal

Other offseason moves:

Jets change coaches, Adam Gase.

Sign CJ Mosely and Jamison Crowder

For what it’s worth:

Bell goes from the top ranked offensive line to the ___

Bell and Tevin Coleman have the same agent

The Jets pick 3rd

Bell dropped an album last night

Questions about what hurt his value

Did Bell hurt his own value? Was it dumb for him to sit out or just dumb to not take the Steelers deal?

Bell’s injury history, suspensions for marijuana use, year-long absence, maverick agent (Bakari), diversified interests, weight concerns, lack of breakaway speed and ill-advised social-media activity.

Or was it simply that Todd Gurley received 45 million guaranteed and rushed for exactly 45 yards for the NFC championship and Super Bowl?

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