Where Are They Now?: Team Siren

If you were playing League of Legends in 2013 you know all about being "baited and outsmarted".

‘Team Siren’ was an all-female League of Legends team that created a memorable video that was supposed to generate hype around being the first all-female competitive League of Legends team. It’s been 4 years since the release of the video and the teams disbandment and I want to know what the female players are up to now. Check out the 'Introducing Team Siren' below or scroll to further to catch up with Team Siren:


While an all-female pro team was unheard of and ideally should've been an extremely profitable team, they were just not up to par to actually play competitively. Their highest ranked team members at the time (Jenny [Mid] and Christina [ADC]) were ranked at Diamond 1, but ultimately the team disbanded due to low funds, pressure from the community, and internal conflict.

But where are they now?

Through my intense 2 hours of social media research I was able to find that the majority of them still stream on Twitch.TV and even play League of Legends!

Team Captain/Mid Laner: A Little Jenny, is currently Diamond 5 on League of Legends and a streamer on Twitch.tv



Jungler: Ilysuiteheart is ranked Diamond 5 in League of Legends and is now a streamer on Twitch as well!



Support: Solvanas is currently Diamond 1 in LoL and now in her third year as an animation student



Top Laner: Yoonie is now a variety streamer on Twitch and receives extra revenue through her risqué photography on patreon



AD Carry: Christina, unfortunately, the original ADC and first player to drop from Team Siren, Christina is not active online and I could not find out what she's been up to. However I was able to find her substitute, Alexa!

AD Carry Substitute: Alexa was Christina's replacement but she was still very much a Siren, she's now a Diamond 1 player on LoL and streamer on Twitch.tv



So now I can finally go to bed without wondering what the Team Siren girls are up to now that there is no Team Siren. Good night everyone.


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