Disney Looks to Bring Esports to Orlando

Everyone goes to the 'Happiest Place on Earth' for the theme parks but soon will visitors be pouring in for competitive gaming?

Orlando looks like a promising future hot-spot for esports. According to Forbes, Disney is aiming to use their ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex to host video game championships. The complex typically hosts youth events to capture the sports tourism market (Kids compete, families want to watch their children compete, and while they are at Disney they might as well visit the resorts and theme parks). With  most pro-players being under the age of 30, Disney clearly sees the many opportunities of hosting esports events. 

Although Disney World's Vice President of Sports, Faron Kelly, wouldn't give any specifics about when esports will be debuting at the facility he did make it clear it was only a matter of time by saying esports "will come here very soon".

Another important monument to Central Florida esports is the Call of Duty World Championships coming up this month, which Kelly says he will be checking out. 


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