Overwatch World Cup Rosters and Dates Announced


The Overwatch World Cup has been announced to include a total of five competitions held throughout the world with the conclusion to take place at BlizzCon (Blizzard Entertainment's annual convention dedicated to all Blizzard games)!

And now the Overwatch World Cup is officially in Phase Three!

Phase 1: Announcement of top 32 countries  > Phase 2: Voting of representatives for each region > Phase 3: Group stage > Phase 4: Playoffs!

 Today Blizzard has announced the rosters of teams competing in the Overwatch World Cup.

Check out more information and the full roster here 

The group stage will start in China during July 14-16, followed by Australia, Poland, the United States, with conclusion at BlizzCon. For all dates leading up to the finals in November click here


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