Kravitz Apologizes For Picking The Celtics

Brandon Kravitz made a confident prediction that the Celtics would win Game 5 of the NBA Finals and take a 3-2 series lead back to Boston which has fallen flat. Almost as flat as the Celtics 4th quarter in Game 4 and all of Game 5 with the exception of the 3rd quarter, which they failed to close with momentum.

I won't count the Celtics out just yet, I see them winning Game 6 at home and forcing a deciding Game 7, however, beating the Dubs on the road is no easy feat. Feels like Boston blew their chance in Game 4.

Kravitz and I rehash Game 5 in the podcast clip below. Shout out Andrew Wiggins.

2022 NBA Finals - Game Five

Photo: Getty Images

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