Mike Ginnitti Of @Spotrac Examines Mo Bamba's Future In Orlando

Mo Bamba finally turned a corner for the Magic last season but now Orlando will have to make a decision regarding his future with the organization. One would assume that he will be given the Qualifying Offer by the Magic, which would then make him a Restricted Free Agent. Another team would have to have the cap space to make an offer which the Magic would then have an opportunity to match.

In my opinion it would be a shame to lose Bamba as an asset and gain nothing in return. As Mike Ginnitti said today on In The Zone, the Magic need as much depth on their roster as possible.

"I don't think he played himself into any kind of restricted offer. I have a feeling he's going to sign a contract that looks a little bit like WCJ's 4 for 50." -Mike Ginnitti of Spotrac.com

In the podcast clip below, Mike Ginnitti breaks down Bamba's contract situation as well as what the Heat need to do to help Jimmy Butler, David Njoku's huge contact and more.

Orlando Magic v Portland Trail Blazers

Photo: Getty Images

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