Tozzi's Prop Shop: Wrapping Up The Conference Finals

Last week was pretty successful for Tozzi's Prop Shop so we are looking to piggyback off a solid effort while we look forward to what the NBA Finals will bring in terms of matchups and props.

Last Week: Looney for 10+ points (+420) finished with 21. Brunson for 20+ points (-105) finished with 31. Poole for 25+ points (+630) finished just short with 23. Dinwiddie for 20+ points (+700) finished with just 4 points and bounced back for 26 the next game. Horford 3+ threes (+420) finished with 3 threes. Tatum 10+ rebs (+460) finished with 5 rebs.

This Week:

Luka Doncic for 40+ points (+265) - Has scored 20, 42, 40, and 30 points in the first four games of this series. Never a bad shout taking the best offensive player on the planet for 40 on the road.

Andrew Wiggins for 25+ points (+680), 10+ rebounds (+520) - Wiggins went for 27 points, 11 rebounds in Game Three. While that's a tough act to follow, he seems like a matchup nightmare for the Dallas Mavericks.

Spencer Dinwiddie or Dorian Finney-Smith for 20+ points. Dinwiddie has been boom or bust and is much better at home, the same can be said for DFS. But one of those guys needs to score 20 in my opinion. Dinwiddie (+830) for 20+ points and DFS (+1060) for 20+ points.

Marcus Smart for 20+ points (+830), 6+ rebounds (+320) - A closeout game in Boston to me yells out a vintage Marcus Smart "leave it on the floor" performance. You'll know right away in the first quarter if he'll end up scoring over or under 20 points. 6 boards don't feel too unreasonable either.

Jimmy Butler 3+ made threes (+1120) - This is a major slingshot because Jimmy Butler isn't a three point shooter. But Miami's backs are against the wall and I'm sure Jimmy will do whatever it takes to keep the dream alive.

Golden State Warriors v Dallas Mavericks - Game Three

Photo: Getty Images

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