Kravitz's Top 5 Players He Wants to See Alongside Luka

Now, yesterday, our show was cut short due to UCF baseball so we only got to about 40% of what we usually get to…1 of the things that was missed was my weekly top 5…and this is one I’ve been wanting to do for a while now…we all know Luka Doncic is great, no denying it. But it feels like he needs a rock solid running mate – something more reliable than Spencer Dinwiddie…so I’ve come up with the 5 players I’d like to see play alongside Luka.

5- DeAndre Ayton- I think Dallas really needs to make a play for him in free-agency. A rim running athletic big man who can gobble up rebounds, that’s exactly what Luka needs.

4- Karl Anthony Towns- See above. Towns is just a better version of Ayton offensively, and he can knock down 3’s, so he fits Dallas’s system really well.

3- Kawhi Leonard- Think about how difficult this team would be to stop, no matter who you put around them. Leonard’s ability to fade into the background and then come up clutch at either end at a moments notice, I think they’d mesh well.

2- Devin Booker- Since the Mavs just want to shoot 3’s all the time and Book has proven he can’t be trusted unless he has an elite facilitator playing at a high level, these 2 would be a dangerous pair offensively.

Number 1- Jokic- That duo feels like it would have a really cool nickname, like the Euro Ballers or something cooler than that. I don’t know how it would work because both are so ball dominant, but I’d truly love to see it.

Golden State Warriors v Dallas Mavericks - Game Four

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