Is It Between Chet Holmgren And Jabari Smith At #1 For The Magic?

When you're a team with a bottom three record in the NBA, you have to draft the best player available regardless of fit but if there's a way to get a star that also fills a need, you're in business. It's equally important to find the player that aligns with the organization's identity.

For the Magic, it feels like Jabari Smith and Chet Holmgren could fill the need at the "4" (once referred to as Power Forward) and potentially be the best players in the draft.

I'm leaning towards Jabari Smith or finding a trade partner to pick up an extra asset, move back a pick or two, and still possibly getting the top player on your board. In the podcast clip below, we discuss who we think the front office is leaning towards based on tea leaves.

Miami v Auburn

Photo: Getty Images

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