What Should The NBA Do To Fix The Dunk Contest?

Judging by the discussion on the internet, the energy in Cleveland, and the dunks themselves, the 2022 Dunk Contest really fell short. Obi Toppin of the Knicks won the competition and while he still deserves credit, the other three contestants did not deliver for the audience. Does the NBA need to hand out a bigger prize to the winner to drive interest? How do we get players like Ja Morant, Miles Bridges, Anthony Edwards, and (when healthy) Zion Williamson to step up? Major League Baseball gives the HR Derby winner $1 Million and all of the stars show up for that competition.

We recap the dunk contest, discuss where it fell short, and how to solve this problem in the podcast clip below.

2022 NBA All-Star - NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Press Conference

Photo: Getty Images

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