Tom Brady Launches Clothing Brand

Add this to the list of things Tom Brady can do. Actually, it's probably smarter to keep a list of the things Brady CAN'T do. That list would be shorter. Well whichever list it gets added to, Tom Brady has done "it" again.

This time he's released his own clothing brand.
Brady Brand Clothing was launched today. Tom Brady dropped a video to let everyone know he's jumped into the apparel business.

The Tampa Bay quarterback claims his new clothing brand "performs across all of your daily active lives". Yea, we know lots of celebrities have released their own niche clothing brand and count on their social audience to make the revenue.

Hope his followers have big wallets. Check out some of the prices listed on the website...

  • "Zero weight track jacket:" $165
  • "Cotton fleece workmark hoodie:" $95
  • "Cotton jersey workmark short sleeve:" $50
  • "Cotton fleece workmark pant:" $95 
  • "Brady ball cap:" $65 
  • "Zero weight short:" $75

The most interesting part of this new sports apparel brand is the design. Most of the clothing pieces are super simple. Many of the items are just blank shirts or hoodies with Brady's name in block letters, in sometimes hard to see spaces.

It was because of this, Twitter jumped all over the future Hall of Famer.

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