Bama Obviously Didn't Deserve to Be in the Championship Game

The University of Georgia Bulldogs are national champions after defeating Nick Saban and Alabama 33-18.

And that means it's obvious that Alabama didn't deserve to be in the national championship game. Right? I mean we've got to stay on brand right? If this was the SEC playing ANY OTHER TEAM IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL and 33-18 was the score, we would hear this statement parrated all across social media and sports tv and radio, nationwide.

If Michigan or Cincy had made it to the "ship", then all we would hear is how obvious it is that they didn't deserve to be in the game. How they we obviously overmatched by the true juggernauts of college football in the SEC. So shouldn't we say the same about Alabama?


And it only proves how silly we sound when we say it about any and every other team.

We know this post isn't going to change the way we talk about college football. People will use this as a reason to prove we don't need a college football expansion. People will try to use it to prove the SEC can't be beat.

But if nothing else, hopefully this helps us remember, there is a reason we play the games on the field. Cuz on any day, anyone can get beat.

Congrats to the Dawgs!

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