Does This Change What We Think of Antonio Brown?

Sooo... that got a little awkward really quickly. First everyone jumped all over Antonio Brown.

"He's reckless!"

"What did you expect?"

"He's done this for years!"

Then suddenly, AB was the sympathetic figure that everyone's heart went out to. And the whole internet was diagnosing his mental health issues and sending thoughts and prayers to him.
"I just hope he gets the help that he needs."

"It's obvious he' got mental health issues, this isn't something to laugh about."

"The NFL has been taking advantage of players with mental disabilities for years."

Then... we find out that AB didn't walk out on his team like we all assumed he did. In fact we discovered that lots of what we thought about the entire situation was pretty complex. According to Ian Rapoport (who is a VERY reputable source) AB didn't walk out on the team at all. In fact, the Bucs actually kicked Antonio Brown off the sidelines because he refused to go back into the game. Why was he reluctant to go back in the game? He claimed his ankle injury was bothering him to a degree that he didn't want to risk further injury.

Wait what?!?

That's right. Antonio Brown didn't walk out on the team. He was kicked off the sidelines. According to reports he was actually cut while on the sideline and then decided to drop his shoulder pads and leave the stadium.

Does this change how we view the entire situation?

Does it change what we think of Antonio Brown now? It should.

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