Isaiah Stewart Wasn't Really Gonna Do Anything

Yea we are all excited because the NBA got a little scrappy this weekend. But let's be honest. Isaiah Stewart was NOT about to throw a punch at Lebron James. Seriously. It was never going to happen.

How do we know?

Because Stewart had a full 13 seconds to pummell Lebron before "everyone else" got in the way and started holding him back. The only real reason he might have held off was if Lebron said something to set him off.

So in this imaginary scenario, Stewart gets clocked.

Lebron apologizes.

Stewart says, "man you didn't have to do that."

Lebron responds with, "Shut your **** **** up you ***** ***** ****!"

If this is how it went down, then maybe Stewart was serious in his anger. Otherwise he was just playing the "hold me back" game. And as Kravitz says, NOBODY is tougher than hold me back guy. If you missed the altercation, check the video below. And do yourself a favor... count the time between when Stewart gets hit, and when the teams intervene on his behalf.

He was never the tough guy he was trying to show out to be.

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