Only ONE NFL Team Didn't Get Beat By a Scrub the Last Two Weeks

It started two weeks ago, in what we are now calling "sweeps weeks" in the NFL.


Because over the last two weeks, EVERY NFL team that was considered a playoff or Super Bowl contender, has gotten beaten by a scrub team. Initially we thought it was a one week anomaly, but it made its way from Week #9 into Week #10 and has taken almost the soul of almost every legit NFL contender. Except one...

Buffalo Bills v Jacksonville Jaguars

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Week #9

The (7-1) Los Angeles Rams lose to the (6-2) Tennessee Titans. Not a huge upset, but certainly unexpected from most across the league. It was downhill from there...

(2-5) NY Giants 23 - (5-2) Las Vegas Raiders 16

(1-6) Jaguars 9 - (5-2) Buffalo Bills 6

(4-4) Denver Broncos 30 - (6-1) Dallas Cowboys 16

(3-4) Chiefs 13 - (7-1) Green Bay Packers 7

(3-4) Atlanta Falcons 27 - (5-2) New Orleans Saints 25

Division leaders who escaped out of week #9 were the Titans, Ravens, Bucs, and Cardinals. But then week #10 hit back hard...

Baltimore Ravens v Miami Dolphins

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Week #10

It all started with the (6-2) Ravens, who squeezed out a win against Minnesota in OT week #9. It looked like they would avoid bloody Sunday. Not so fast... The (2-7) Miami Dolphins had something to say about that. Beating the Ravens 22-10 in an UGLY Thursday night matchup. Then the grim reaper came for the rest of the contenders...

(2-6) Washington Football Team 29 - (6-2) Tampa Bay Buccaneers 19

(4-5) Carolina Panthers 34 - (7-2) Arizona Cardinals 10

(3-5) Minnesota Vikings 27 - (5-3) LA Chargers 20

(0-8) Detroit Lions 16 - (5-3) Pittsburgh Steelers 16

As we await our Monday night game, it's possible the Rams could get boinked twice in two weeks with a loss against the (3-5) 49ers.

New Orleans Saints v Tennessee Titans

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Does this mean it's time to put all our money down on the Titans to win it all this year? Only time will tell...

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