UCF: So You're Saying There's a Chance


Wait one moment.

SMU suffered their second loss in conference play, and that put them squarely BEHIND the UCF Knights in the standings. What does this mean. Well it means... there's a chance UCF could make the American Conference Championship. It's a small chance. It's a minimal chance. It's a chance you shouldn't bet too much money on. But it's still a chance.

First things first, the Knights ABSOLUTELY MUST win out. There is no room for bad games, or last minute mistakes. With games left at SMU, and home against UConn and USF must be W's. The Knights must be ready for an SMU team that will be looking to atone for their recent loses and dropping out of the top 25.

But after they win... UCF needs some help. They need either Houston or Cincinnati (more likely Houston) to take 2 losses. That's a BIG request. Two losses in three weeks for teams who haven't loss in conference play, is a big ask.

If you're a Knights fan you need to rooting for CALAMITY in the American Conference. Who cares if Cincy gets a chance at a national championship, we're going into the BIG12. We'll get plenty of chances. But if the Knights can rebound the season with a slot in the American Championship, then we'll have a season NOBODY expected as little as three weeks ago.


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