The NBA Wants Their Own Manning Cast

Well that didn't take long. It looks like the NBA is poised to try to capitalize on the success of the NFL's alternate Monday Night Football broadcast... the "Manning Cast". The popular production with Peyton and Eli Manning has led to the NBA drawing on their own stars to do the same.

The NBA is expected to announce their own version of the Manning Cast co-starring Jamal Crawford and Quentin Richardson specifically for NBA League Pass. Starting Thursday, and over the next 10 weeks, Crawford and Richardson will be providing their own weekly commentary to games.

Additionally, according to Front Office Sports, the NBA is in the midst of conversations with ESPN and Turner Sports about creating more alternate telecasts. Their desire is to lure viewers who aren't interested in regular basketball games, on ABC/ESPN and TNT. Formats could include the Manning Cast, or Monday Night Football's MegaCast.

This could get very interesting.

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