Football Made the World Series Champs an Afterthought

If you've ever wondered how powerful, important, and beloved football is in America, just look around sports media today. What have you seen more than anything else? Websites, newspapers, radio shows, blogs.. all of them are talking about 3 main things.

  1. Aaron Rodgers getting COVID.
  2. The College Football Playoff rankings.
  3. NFL Players getting cut.

Even the ESPN top headlines are Aaron Rodgers, Raiders' Henry Ruggs getting cut, and THEN it's the World Series. That's CRAZY!!

We've talked often about how baseball has been diminished to the bottom of the barrell in sports coverage. But even when we have crowned a champion? Should we truly wrap it up and say that nobody really cares about Major League Baseball? This leads to so many still unanswered questions.

  • Is baseball truly that unpopular as a sport?
  • Is the media treating baseball unfairly in it's coverage?
  • What can Major League Baseball do to ACTUALLY raise interest in the game? (it's not about making the game faster)
  • Was Madden really the reason the NFL became the juggernaut it is?
  • Who was the MLB World Series MVP again?

These questions NEED answers.

But until then, baseball will remain America's oldest, and least exciting, and most under appreciated past time.

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